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Restore Tooth Loss with Dental Crowns in Delta

Restoring the look of your smile sometimes requires more than a simple filling. Teeth that have become decayed, broken, or chipped may be too far gone and instead of a filling need a tooth restoration that provides more support. That’s when dental crowns are used. A dental crown works like a cap that is placed over the existing damaged tooth. A crown covers the whole tooth, from the gum line up, and works as a new tooth surface for your smile.

At SeRena Dental Centre, we work to match your crown to resemble your tooth’s original shape and size for a natural smile. Please note that in order to place a crown, the original tooth must be altered in order to fit it. Therefore it’s important to discuss with your dentist whether or not dental crowns from our Delta office are right for your smile. To learn more about dental crowns, contact us to set up a consultation.

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