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Root Canal Therapy at Delta’s SeRena Dental Centre

Dental health issues don’t always start on a tooth’s surface like a cavity, chipping, or cracks. Sometimes a tooth’s problem is at the root. When a tooth is infected or the pulp is damaged, the nerve within the pulp may die, causing the tooth to die. In order to salvage the tooth and avoid an extraction, SeRena Dental Centre performs a root canal in order to remove the injured, infected, or dead pulp. After the root canal therapy, our Delta dentists may use a crown or filling to restore the look of your tooth.

At SeRena Dental Centre, we do our best to avoid tooth extraction when possible. Root canal therapy allows us to address your tooth’s infection or decay without sacrificing the appearance of your smile by having the damaged tooth removed. Contact SeRena Dental Centre to learn more about root canal therapy in Delta.

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