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Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction? Delta’s SeRena Dental Centre Can Help

At SeRena Dental Centre, our doctors consider tooth extraction as a last resort after attempting everything else to salvage your tooth. However, if a tooth has been badly damaged or has decayed beyond repair, extracting the tooth would preserve the health of the teeth around it. The dentists at SeRena Dental Centre can discuss whether or not tooth extraction is a viable option for your dental issues.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Delta

One of the most common tooth extractions concern wisdom teeth. Sometimes a wisdom tooth grows in without fuss, but all too often the tooth doesn’t erupt from the gum line and can become impacted. This can cause inflammation, discomfort, infection, and even decay. Cysts can develop around the tooth and jeopardize your dental health. A wisdom tooth extraction in Delta is often recommended in order to avoid these possibilities. Talk to the dental team at SeRena Dental Centre to learn more about wisdom teeth extraction.

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