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BOTOX® Services in Delta

Temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines, lip creases, crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles with BOTOX® in Delta. At SeRena Dental Centre we offer this industry leading treatment to help you reduce wrinkles and frown lines on your face.

How BOTOX® Works

BOTOX® works by relaxing targeted muscle tissue in your face, temporarily reducing muscle contractions that cause fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX® is a purified protein that can relax expressive wrinkles as well as the muscles that control your lips. A few days after getting this procedure you will notice a younger appearance due to the relaxing and smoothing effect.

Key Benefits of BOTOX®

It can also be used to fix gummy smiles, lip lines, chronically puckered chins and upside-down smiles. The benefits of BOTOX® include:

Reduce wrinkles

Improve your smile

Lift eyebrows

Look younger

With the help of BOTOX® you can look like your younger self once more. Wrinkles will reduce or disappear completely, and you can improve other conditions in your mouth such as a gummy smile. Whether it is your goal to have a more youthful appearance or you want to feel more confident in your daily life, BOTOX® may be a good treatment option for you.

Contact SeRena Dental Centre today for more information about our BOTOX® services in Delta.

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