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Signs You Need to See a Dentist in Delta for Impacted Wisdom Teeth

dental x-ray of wisdom teeth

In most people, wisdom teeth begin emerging between the ages of 17 and 25. The third and final set of molars in the human oral cavity, wisdom teeth are the product of our ancestors' diet of tough roots, nuts, and foliage. Today, wisdom teeth are considered vestigial, and are no longer needed to cope with our diet nor well-accommodated by the jaw.

Wisdom teeth often need to be removed and this can be done by any dentist in Delta that offers wisdom teeth extraction. One of the most common reasons why wisdom teeth have to be taken out is because they may become impacted, or because they already are. Wisdom tooth impaction occurs when a tooth cannot erupt because there isn't enough space for it in the mouth.

The 5 Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

It's important that you know how to tell that your wisdom teeth may be impacted. There are a few signals that can help you identify when it is time to see your dentist in Delta to prevent any further complications.


The first and most obvious sign that you should visit a Delta dental clinic is pain. The pain will typically radiate from the back of your mouth, where your wisdom teeth are trying to emerge. Other areas of your face may feel sensitive as well.


Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause swollen and tender gums, especially towards the back of your mouth. It is not unusual for the jaw to swell and become tender as well. Though it is not always too painful at first, jaw swelling and pain can quickly worsen and even make it difficult for you to open your mouth.


Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause headaches. If you seem to be experiencing more headaches and it seems like they may be radiating from your jaw or just generally from your face, then it may be due to your wisdom teeth.


Finally, impacted wisdom teeth can not only cause great pain, but a variety of other conditions and complications as well. They can become infected and cause the infection to spread throughout the mouth, contributing to gum disease and tooth decay. Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause painful cysts in the jawbone, as well as damage and crowding of other teeth in the mouth.

The Wisdom Teeth Experts

Now that you're familiar with how to tell that your wisdom teeth might be impacted, it is important that you heed the warning signs and contact a Delta dental clinic if you experience any. SeRena Dental Centre provides wisdom teeth extractions and can make sure that your teeth are removed before they have a chance to cause any of the potential complications described above.

Visiting a dentist in Delta on a regular basis is important even if you have no wisdom tooth pain or obvious oral health problems. Frequent cleanings can help you maintain good oral health, and examinations and x-rays can detect if your wisdom teeth are impacted before you even notice any symptoms.

Get in touch with SeRena Dental Centre to book an appointment with a Delta dentist if your wisdom teeth are causing you trouble, or if it's time for your next cleaning.


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